Advertising on

Intresting and like to know if you can advertise on Yes, you can!

We’re interested in carrying advertising from:

Brands that sponsor football…

… are very welcome.

We can place your advertising alongside the professional teams you’re already associated with (UEFA and Conmebol leagues, for now), and in any other country of your choice.

For now, rates are by negotiation, on a brand by brand, campaign by campaign basis.

Local Companies that are involved with their local football club

We want to support local businesses in their support of clubs… If your business helps your local club (professional or amateur), and they’re on, then please get in touch.

We’re not interested in carrying ads from:

– gambling services
– smutty stuff
– any designs for goods that are illegal or misleading.

Causing offence with advertising

Some of our display advertising is delivered through’s marketplace: if you see any inappropriate or offensive advertising please let us know.

And whoever you are, please don’t call if your ad pops over our bloggers’ work, or under it.
If you’ve got a great campaign, we’ll find relevant content to run it against. Which, as you probably know, is usually more interesting for our readers and more effective for your business.

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